Freeride Skiing/ Vallée Blanche

If you wish to discover the freeride ski routes in Chamonix and surround areas including Vallée Blanche, Saint-Gervais, Courmayeur etc, I am here to help. I will be at your full disposal to explore as much and far as your heart contents. My supervision and knowledge of the mountain and weather means your safety and enjoyment is my highest priority.

Freeride skiing requires specialist equipment including harnesses, DVA, shovels, probes etc. This can be provided or rented if needed, so please let me know.

Maximum of 4 people per group for safety reasons

Half day or full day available


Vallée Blanche – Chamonix
Freeride au Mont-Joly – Saint-Gervais
Vallée Blanche – Chamonix